Revival Links

The Revival Shared Space Project has compiled this list of links and online resources to help people through this difficult times, and to try to create opportunities for good relations development:

Download the Surviving Covid Revival Resource Pack here

Good Relations
Good relations 2019 update –
Tbuc –
Good Relations Guide –
Good relations action plan –
Equality awareness –
Good relations week –
Equality awareness –
Community Relations Council –
Derry City & Strabane Council Good relations –
The Internationl fund for Ireland –

Covid training / advice / guidance
World Health Organisation guidelines and advice –
Government Covid guidelines and advice –
NHS Covid information –
Government Covid guidelines and advice –
Latest public health guidance –
Practical Covid advice –
Covid guidance –

Links / Resources for older people
Supporting older people through Covid –
Supporting older people through Covid –

Mental Health
Covid related mental health support –
Covid related mental health support for older people –
Covid related mental health support –
Covid and mental health support for young people –
Mental health support –
Covid related anxiety support –
Mental health support for people with autism –

Family Support, Self Care & Home Schooling
Self-Care September Planner
Self Care –
Covid and bereavement support –
Support for families with disabled children –
Covid support for parents –
Covid and eating disorders –
Covid support for Carers –
Family support –
Covid and single parent families –
Support for young people –
Managing relationships during Lockdown –
Parenting during Lockdown –
Home Schooling –

Where possible we would seek pre and/or post feedback from participants in relation to one off events/activities or sustained activities (programmes) etc
If you have participated in an event or activity, enjoyed a virtual activity/event or availed of dedicated online resources please download and complete the relevant form and return to at your discretion.

Event Feedback Form

Pre and Post Programme Outcome Form(s)

The Revival shared Space Project is funded by TEO under the Central Good Relations Fund.