The Derry Model (Bloody Sunday Trust)

The Derry Model is the newest project of the Bloody Sunday Trust.

Funded by EU SeuPB – PEACE IV Funding, this ambitious four-year project launched its ‘Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding Project’ in 2018 with the aim of sharing the city’s valuable experience in overcoming contentious disputes like parades, conflict and legacy issues.

Why can we reach agreement in Derry when other areas still struggle? What have we learned here and how can these lessons be taken elsewhere? The Derry Model has long-since been heralded as a model for progress and meaningful change – and the Bloody Sunday Trust intend to explore this concept and what it means in real terms.

If we could bottle what appears to work so well here, could it help others? We believe it can. Drawing on our own rich experience and expertise, we hope to share these lessons and open up pathways for real discussion and dialogue. Participants have included ongoing campaigns like McGurk’s Bar and the Stardust families, republican and loyalist groups, community groups, marginalised women’s groups and British army veterans dedicated to seeking dialogue.

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