Live Here Love Here

In the midst of a world pandemic, CE were compelled to rethink and repurpose our community garden and engage with the community by Sharing Our Green Space to encourage ‘gardening in the community.’

In partnership with Live Here Love Here and Social Farms & Gardens, we have distributed over 150 growing kits to families and individuals in the wider community whilst supporting individuals further by giving back and providing seasonal locally grown ‘Grow Your Own’ starter packs. These were accompanied by online instructions and tutorials providing participants with important opportunities and allowing them to engage in activities to:

• Extend virtual environmental education
• Encourage people to grow seasonal produce at home
• Reconnect with nature
• Ease pressure on supply chains
• Boost mental health and physical health
• Promote better skills development, wellbeing & physical activity
• Reduce loneliness, social isolation & anxiety
• Provide a revived sense of civic pride

Creggan is a highly populated urban area with numerous new developments, all imposing on natural habitat. The Rath Mór Community Garden is helping alleviate demands on natural habitat through focusing on environmental improvement during a world pandemic.